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Well, hello there little wildling,
fancy seeing you here!
Are you looking for a sexy story or two?
If you're new, you can click here to read a free sample
of a particularly steamy scene...
some frisky foreplay, if you will...
Or if you already know what you want (oh, you're that kind?),
just click on my bookshelf to check out my
current releases and see what's coming soon.
Either way, you're guaranteed a raunchy read
that'll get your heart racing, and happily ever afters
you'll want to share with your bestie.
And remember in the meantime, stay wild!

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"Hope, I should warn you I'm about to f*ck you so hard they'll write about it in Science Weekly. I've never been so horny in my life, I was afraid if I touched you in the car I'd break something. Your hips, maybe, I don't know."

She opened her mouth, whether to cry or scream hallelujah she wasn't quite sure. He took the opportunity to cover it with his own, making a mess of both her lipstick and her thoughts. This was a mood she understood, a mood she heartily approved of. She tightened her grip in his hair and moaned loudly as he pressed her up against the hotel door. 

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Excerpt from "Rules are Meant To Be Broken" - available now!

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