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Where your pleasure is our robots' only desire.

Welcome to Janson Technology!

Forgive Me - new cover.jpg

Forgive Me - BUY NOW!

Hannah finally spends a weekend test-driving one of the android sex workers she's devoted her whole life to creating. It was supposed to be a one-time fling, a secret memory that would live inside the walls of the Janson Hotel. Which is why she can't believe her eyes when he shows up at her office the next day! Will she be charged with theft, or will he be the one to steal her heart?

Expose Me - new cover.jpg

Expose Me - BUY NOW!

Nora is a timid cleaner with a kink for voyeurism who finds herself held hostage in a closet with a pleasure ‘bot on the run. Is it still called Stockholm syndrome if there are multiple orgasms involved?

Seduce Me - new cover.jpg

Seduce Me - BUY NOW!

Determined to convince her husband to stay by pleasing him in the bedroom, Veronica attends a conference run by pleasure ‘bots on the art of seduction at the newly opened Jansen Hotel. The last person she expects to run into there is her husband!

Redeem Me - new cover.jpg

Redeem Me - BUY NOW!

A malfunctioning pleasure ‘bot is sent to Isabella so she can fix his glitch, but when he reveals he’s fallen in love with her, will she have the heart to deactivate him?

Choose Me - new cover.jpg

Choose Me - BUY NOW!

A hotel guest gets a free upgrade when two pleasure ‘bots fight over who can delight her the most. But for Emmalee, only bad things come in threes. Will their passion be enough to break the rule? ...after all, it is her birthday!

Amuse Me - new cover.jpg

Amuse Me - BUY NOW!

All work and no play makes Oscar a dull boy. No one deserves to win a weekend in a mechanical whorehouse more than him. But everything changes when a robot sex coach reveals his lover’s baby surprise.

Heal Me - new cover.jpg

Heal Me - BUY NOW!

After a terrible accident leaves him a with prosthetic legs, Ethan books into an android brothel where he learns that his desires are just as fit and healthy as ever. But will rediscovering his confidence convince him to take back the ex who abandoned him when he needed help the most?

Teach Me - new cover.jpg

Teach Me - BUY NOW!

A newly awakened robot needs to be taught all the ways of providing humans with sexual pleasure. But instead of running a program, he insists on getting a hands-on education from his creator. Especially when he finds out Sophia’s a virgin too.

Unwrap Me - new cover.jpg

Unwrap Me - BUY NOW!

‘Tis the season for giving, but for Janson Technology’s Head of Security, Captain Dante, ‘tis the season when normal people lose their ever-loving minds just because someone put up some damn fairy lights and a fake fir tree. Until he meets Holly and suddenly it doesn’t seem so insane after all.

 Welcome to Janson Technology,

where your pleasure is our robots' only desire.


Each of these nine stories is a steamy, sensual bite-sized morsel designed to be consumed in forty-five minutes or less - plenty of time to fill you with desire and leave you pleasantly satiated.


These books are interconnected stand-alones, and can be read in any order.


Each story has its own Happily Ever After, or Happily For Now because everyone deserves a happy ending. 

read the reviews...

Teree Sutton, Amazon

"Very cute short stories full of spice. Perfect palate cleanser for between longer novels. I’m definitely going to look into more work by this author."

SH Reader, Amazon

"This was a great distraction! Fun and sexy!! Can't wait to read the next one :)"

Jenni, Amazon

"What a hot read! This grabs you on page one and doesn't let go until the very end. Can't wait to read what happens next. Good thing I purchased the whole series!!"
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