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but then, every rule is meant to be broken.

They promised each other
no complications, no commitments...

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A fast paced erotic tale about what happens when you try to put love in the back seat...

Xavier is an Australian in New York who is dumped on the eve of his great cross-America road trip. Hope is a woman with many secrets and a longing for adventure.


Together they decide to take on America – their challenge: to break every outdated sex law they can find, one erotic dare at a time. They guarantee each other there will be no complications, no commitments. But then, every rule is meant to be broken...

Ready to Break retro cover.jpg

Ready To Break

GET IT NOW - FREE! A short prequel to the sexy road trip adventure, Rules Are Meant To Be Broken


Will a sexy dare save her?


Before they met... before the adventure began... meet our favourite sex-starved siren as she struggles against the velvet noose her family have created for her, and follow her as she prepares for one last night of freedom.


What will finally push her over the edge into accepting her lover's outrageously erotic dare?

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