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So you want to be an author

Have you considered doing something else? Like, literally anything else? No? Sigh. Okay... well start by reading. A lot. No, more than that. Find your favourite genre and note what you love about it.

Start writing. Pick an idea and stick with it. This is the HARD part. Ideas will come thick and fast, but your job is to filter out the noise and finish the damn book, all the way to The End.

Step Two

Who are your favourite authors? Why? Analyse what you love about their writing. Research which publishers they're with. Do these publishers require an agent or can you submit directly?

Get a critique group. Preferably a handful of fellow writers at a similar stage in their author journey to you, who are willing to provide constructive feedback and allow you to reciprocate.

Join a writers association for your chosen genre. This is where you'll get the gold - tips, tricks, contacts, and contests. Romance Writers of Australia is particularly awesome, but you do you.

Step Six

Submit your book baby into the wild wild world. Pick an agent, pick a publisher, pick a contest and GO! You've done all the hard work, now let your story fly. With a combination of good timing and luck, it'll fall into the right hands at the right time. And until then, start writing your next book...

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