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Meet K.L. Wilde—an award-winning author with a knack for stirring up a little trouble and a lot of passion through her raunchy romance tales. From the moment she picked up a pen, K.L. discovered her love for crafting steamy romances that always end with a happily ever after... and capture plenty of sizzling moments along the way.


When she's not lost in the world of writing, you'll find K.L. indulging in her favorite pastimes: devouring romance novels, jetting off to far-away lands, and taking leisurely strolls around the neighbourhood with her feline companion. Rumor has it, she's even been known to roll up her sleeves for a good cause—like donating blood just so she can get the free chocolate chip cookie.

With an insatiable appetite for all genres of romance (from sweet royals to giant blue aliens to flesh-eating zombies, she'll read them all), K.L. calls Australia home, where she shares her favourite reading nooks with a couple of crazy kids and a nosy Norwegian Forest cat.

Oh, and that devilish pact you heard about? Ahem... Well, let's just say K.L's secret to eternal youth might be a story worth hearing... if you ever dare to ask...

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