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these witches will find the sexiest of creatures

In the darkest shadows of night

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Stella's not a real witch... or is she? After drunkenly deciding to test the ancient wiccan legend of The Power Of Three by having a threesome, she's forced to admit there might be something charmed about her life after all. As she navigates the complexities of a magical ménage à trois, she unleashes a chaotic secret that brings pleasure, pain, and two sinfully hot men who are determined to show her that she’s more in control than she thinks. Witch's Chaos will make you believe in the power of magic… and the power of love.

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Persefoni isn’t envious of her cousin’s over-abundant love life… or is she? Surely her intellect alone is enough to bewitch her two gorgeous but cantankerous handymen into joining her for an unforgettable night of naughtiness. But the harder she tries to lure them, the more it seems the men are resisting her. So when she finds a trunk full of fabulous fifties attire in the attic, she tries a do-over by pretending to be someone new. Will she finally get her wish or will her fire-engine red lipstick fail her? This steamy tale, filled with plenty of passion, will take you away to a world of enchantment and pleasure.

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Alexa did not just wake up in Vegas married to two different men… or did she? It’s true that Alexa has always yearned for the perfect husband, but when she casts a spell to make her dream a reality, she accidentally ends up married to two mind-blowingly hot men. Each of whom are determined to make her their own! With one man offering her passion and the other offering her protection, she must navigate her way through her feelings and this unexpectedly sexy twist of fate to make the hardest decision of her life. In this thrilling tale of love, magic and sexy times, Witch's Choice is sure to leave you spellbound.

Bewitch yourself into
buying them all!
The Ravencroft Witches Trilogy

Let yourself be beguiled by these three erotic romance stories, each featuring a modern woman who struggles to accept her own brand of sensual sorcrey.


They are designed to be read in less than an hour making them perfect for a quick, steamy read. However, these interconnected stand-alones can be read in any order to experience the full magical journey, as each story promises a happy ending for everyone involved.


Given the high heat level, these tales are best read by adults only, so enter this ranchy world of witchy romance at your own risk. And be warned... with multiple partners and multiple happily-ever-afters, this trilogy will leave you begging to be bewitched.

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